Retrospectives for Organizational Change

An Agile Approach

In this book, Jutta Eckstein examines how retrospectives –originally a kind of a facilitated workshop for gaining feedback– can be applied conceptually to initiate and implement organizational change.

Technically, retrospectives were an instrument for a group to examine a past joint period of time and learn from that. The participants of a Retrospective for Organizational Change do not share a joint past, yet they learn from their different individual experiences and use this as a basis to form a shared future. The main strength is to leverage the experiences of a diverse group. Especially if the change is dynamic, which means the approach toward the goal is unclear or if it is complex, where the goal itself is in-determinate, Retrospectives for Organizational Change can provide a way to support the change.

This book covers the conceptual idea of using Retrospectives for Organizational Change and additionally reports on the feedback and experiences of its practical application.

Linda Rising says about this book:
"Of course, there are other books on the protocols and exercises for retrospectives, but these don't share the 'whys' of this important ritual. What Jutta has done for us is provide real experience reports that show how useful retrospectives can be and share her research around using retrospectives to lead change in an organization. Get this book and read it!" (Linda Rising, Co-Author of Fearless Change and More Fearless Change)


Retrospectives for Organizational Change

Jutta Eckstein

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