Diving for Hidden Treasures

Uncovering the Cost of Delay in Your Project Portfolio

Does your organization value and rank projects based on estimation? Except for the shortest projects, estimation is often wrong. You don’t realize the value you planned when you wanted. How can you finish projects in time to realize their potential value?

Instead of estimation, consider using cost of delay to evaluate and rank projects. Cost of delay accounts for ways projects get stuck: multitasking, other projects not releasing on time, work queuing behind experts, excessive attention to code cleanliness, and management indecision to name several.

Once you know about cost of delay, you can decide what to do about it. You can stop the multitasking. You can eliminate the need for experts. You can reduce the number of projects and features in progress. You can use cost of delay to rank projects and work in your organization. Learn to use cost of delay to make better decisions for your project, program, or project portfolio.

Have you ever wondered about how your projects become late? Are you worried that your projects become later and you don’t know why?

Cost of delay can tell you where the delays occur and why. Common practices, such as multitasking, experts, and even other projects’ delay can make your project late. Learn simple tools and methods for analyzing and eliminating the costs of delay in your project.

Diving for Hidden Treasures

Jutta Eckstein & Johanna Rothman

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