Andrea Tomasini

Andrea Tomasini ist ein der Gründer von agile42. Mit 20-jähriger Erfahrung in den Bereichen Produktentwicklung, Strategieanalyse, Lean und Agile Transition ist er ein international anerkannter Experte für Agile Leadership. Als Strategic Agile Coach unterstützt er die Führungskräfte Unternehmen aller Branchen dabei, resiliente Strukturen zu schaffen und agile Unternehmenskulturen nachhaltig zu etablieren. Derzeit befasst er sich mit der Analyse von Komplexität im Businesskontext und seinem demnächst erscheinenden Buch über Organic Agility.

Andrea is one of the founders of agile42. His background includes experience in product development, system architecture, business and strategic analysis, lean coaching, organizational change, and agile leadership. Andrea has trained and coached a diverse range of teams and helped many companies in various industries in implementing agile methods like Scrum. These days, Andrea works primarily as a Strategic Coach, supporting Agile Leaders in the process of transforming their organization, strategy, and culture to achieve greater agility and resilience. Being an international expert in the area of Agile Leadership, he is currently pioneering data capture and analysis methods in complex organizational structures and working on a book on Organic Agility.

agile42 was founded in Berlin in 2007 and the first international offices opened three years later. Today the company consists of ten country companies. We deliver agile training and coaching, responding to the needs of companies of all sizes. Using revolutionary data- and story-gathering techniques, agile42 is changing the game in understanding organizational culture and driving culture and strategy in order to support our clients in standing on their own two feet and becoming more responsive and resilient in today’s volatile marketplace.




Andrea Tomasini

"Focus on being agile instead of doing agile"

Andrea Tomasini, agile42

Agile Leadership, Resilience, Organizational Change, Organizational Strategy

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